Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow baubles

I've been staring and staring at baubles. I can't decide on which colors to dress our tree this year! :p I would love to have many, mini little colored themed trees around the house according to each room color! That would be reason aplenty for me to buy up as many baubles & trinkets as I can! A girl's gotta shop when a girl's gotta shop ;) hmm...but still... I wouldn't want to be tripping over trees whilst on the way to the loo at 3am! Guess I'll just stick to one then.

Whilst debating on my tree's color palette, I came up with these 3 delightful patterns of snowflake baubles to help me decide. I'm very much in love with reds & pinks this season, but then I've never done a blue themed tree and the chirpily, bright orange one looks so cute..grr.. I'm getting no closer to choosing anytime soon! :P

Do you guys have a color theme for your trees this year? It would be great to hear of what you guys have got planned, please do share some inspiration. ;)

Snow baubles (pink)
A pretty array of snow flaked baubles for a pink themed tree

Snow baubles (blue)
A soothing array of snow flaked baubles for a blue themed tree

Snow baubles (orange)
A cute array of snow flaked baubles for a orange themed tree

Fingers crossed, hope I shall be able to decide soon! chuckle*


Anonymous said...

I love the colours you are thinking of. I have decided that my colours are to be Black & Gold this year.

MiC said...

I like the first one, veeeery much !

lynn said...

grin* bet your tree turned out super fab, i.s.!

Thanks so much MiC! ;)

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