Friday, December 4, 2009

Snowmen Smileys

Its December already? Isn't amazing when the year zips by in the blink of an eye?
Thus, of course our theme of the month is Christmas! I've planned some lovely, lovely xmas goodies to share, so do stick around for more!

Here's one of my first patterns of the season, snowmen wrapped in scarves!
Its an old fave, so I've done it up with a twist of color :) Check out Snowmen Smileys below.

To be honest, I've never touched snow before yet alone build a snowmen, the closest thing I've ever gotten to it, is hail :P I was up in a high hilly area in the outskirts of Tokyo with some friends when the sky decided to throw stuff at us. Delighted, we thought at first, it was snow then discovered it was miniature balls of ice! :P Cute but still, i lament the thought of not having the fun of playing with any snow yet.

Snowmen smileys (blue)
Even though its chilly, these snowmen are grinning silly

Snowmen smileys (green)
Even though its chilly, these snowmen are grinning silly

Snowmen smileys (orange)
Even though its chilly, these snowmen are grinning silly

What does snow feel or taste like? Yes, :p I know its cold, but is it soft? feathery? grainy? I know it sounds like such a silly question, but lols* we will never get snow where I am! So, anyone care to share? :)


Leisa Zoeller said...

Hiya. I just found your blog via Folding Trees. I LOVE your designs. So cute. So gorgeous. So well done. Im not a scrapbooker unfortunately. BUT, have you ever thought of uploading your pattern designs to so people like me could get them printed onto fabric for quilting and things like that? I believe they pay you a commission or something. Most of your designs would be PERFECT for their medium!

BTW snow is cold, crunchy/grainy. Basically like snowcone ice. Like finely crushed ice. Unless its compacted, then its just hard and cold. And throwing snowballs looks like fun but trust me, it HURTS! Cheers....Leisa

agravette said...

Here in Alabama, where I live, we don't get snow very often, but we are actually expecting some tonight. Mostly our snow is extremely wet and slushy. But some places have snow that has a drier, more powdery texture. It is extremely cold and isn't near as comfortable as it looks! Also, if you don't have proper snow suits, as we don't here in the south, you get really wet and cold quickly. Hope this helps! BTW, I am loving the snow love kit! Alisha

Andrea said...

I love the snowmen! The smiley faces are just perfect!

As for snow, I live in Ontario Canada and we get A LOT of it. Some people joke that we have two seasons in this part of Canada, July and winter LOL

Sometimes snow has a light, feathery "feel" and sometimes it can be quite coarse and grainy. Depends on the temperature and how the water crystals formed.

As for taste... rule #1 - never eat yellow snow! It's very much like the ice shavings for a snowcone (or crushed ice for a drink). It's tasteless for the most part but damn cold. The best snow is wet snow - the kind you use to build a snowman :)

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