Sunday, January 3, 2010

Forget me nots

Happy 2010!! Hi there folks, its a start of a brand new year with a brand new theme! A theme I've been thinking of doing since mid 2009 but never got around to doing, the theme is geometrics.

Instead of working on geometrics alone, for January's theme, I've decided to come up with patterns to the tune of geometric flowers :) (geometrics> utilizing rectilinear or simple curvilinear motifs or outlines in design; Merriam-Websters' Online dictionary, link to definition @ bottom of post)

Here's my first batch of patterns of the year for the geometric flowers theme, 3 interesting kaleidoscopic patterns of forget-me-not flowers in different tones of sky blue, fresh mint & custard yellow.

Forget me nots (sky)
Pretty blues on a sky blue tone

Forget me nots (mint)
Pretty blues on a minty green tone

Forget me nots (custard)
Pretty blues on a creamy yellow custard tone


link to geometrics definition here


Andrea said...

Very pretty! I love the mint version best - I have a love of those colours.

gtka3 said...

great concept! I´m in love with the pretty blues on creamy yellow custard tone =)

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