Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freebie of the week: Recycle Chic Note cards

Jinjerup presents our last Earth Day themed freebie of the year: Jinjerup's Recycling Chic Note cards. Pretty in pink, recycling chic-patterned notecards, for your easy note taking or list making! :) If possible, try printing your printables on recycled paper.

grin* as you can see, this year, my Earth Day pattern range focuses so very much on recycling. All my patterns are dedicated to it! Imho, the longer we stay on this earth, the more waste we shall be producing & honestly, how many of us truly recycle? Highly doubt anyone one of us would like to spend our lives on a ruined, garbage filled Earth! What better time than now to make more of an effort to try sort out ours stuff ;)

(29-09-2011) Hi there, thanks for your interest in this Jinjerup freebie. We’ve updated it, please visit this link to view & download the new updated freebie:

Visit our new Jinjerup Blog for more cute freebies & printables:

Have fun & remember to try to recycle more,
I know I shall! :)



Anonymous said...

I love your notecards. They make my boring grocery lists a little more cheerful! Thanks, Sally

Chet Ubetcha said...

Lynn, to tell you the truth, your website is getting boringer by the day. PLEASE MAKE SOME BOOKMARKS FOR THE NEXT FREEBIE

lynn said...

Thanks for the comments, Sally!! :)

Chet, its interesting that you find my website "boringer" by the day, but you're still hanging around, asking for bookmarks? ;) chuckle*

Samreen said...

Oh, what a terrible comment Chet! You shouldn't have said that. Lyn is trying her best. she has been having a lot of handfuls, you know.

lynn said...

giggle* Thanks Samreen :)

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