Monday, August 31, 2009

Freebie of the week: Whims & Fancies Wallpapers

:) Back & with this week's freebie to boot!
Here's the last batch of Jinjerup's Whims & Fancies freebies.
It'd been awhile since I've done up a batch of wallpapers, so today would be the best day to share them!

Wallpaper Freebies

Three new lovelies to choose from!
Available in 2 sizes, please click on the size you'd like (they're at the bottom
of each wallpaper) to begin your download.

Petals & Ribbons Wallpaper

Fine & dandy Wallpaper

Buttons for me Wallpaper

(29-09-2011) Hi there, thanks for your interest in these Jinjerup freebies but we've discontinued them, sorry about that! No worries though, we've got plenty more freebies for you :) Please visit our new Jinjerup Blog:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fine & dandy

Introducing the last batch of patterns from Jinjerup's Whims & Fancies pattern range, this new trio of patterns is called "Fine & dandy". Well, literally :P Its a real delicate, light pattern featuring ultra fine stalks of dande(y)lion puffs.

Fine & dandy (rose blush)
Fine dande(y)lion stalks cartwheel in this lovely pink-toned repeat.

Fine & dandy (calm at sea)
Fine dande(y)lion stalks cartwheel in this lovely blue-toned repeat.

Fine & dandy (orange cream puff)
Fine dande(y)lion stalks cartwheel in this lovely orange-toned repeat.

I wish I could have the 'calm at sea' pattern for my window blinds ;) It would suit them so well, my room walls are painted baby blue. Any faves, any one?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Seed Soiree

I've had this idea of doing a seed-dandelion puff pattern, taking root
in my mind for the longest time.

Everytime I'd want to start on it, I'd either get caught up in another pattern idea and it gets pushed aside like dandelions in real life or the idea would just slip past me like dandelion puffs in the wind, waiting to settle and grow once again.

Well, grow, they finally did! :D I managed to catch some puffs and nurture them long enough for them to seed. So here they are, new patterns I'd like to call,
seed soiree. I took slightly longer to work on this batch even though its really minimalistic as I really wanted to get the colors, just that right spoonful of light, whimsical mixed fun! ;)

Seed soiree (happy pink party)
Seed puffs and their stalks in shades of pink, orange and purple.

Seed soiree (easy breezy)
Seed puffs and their stalks in shades of blue, purple and green.

Seed soiree (orange range)
Seed puffs and their stalks in shades of orange, green and brown.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Freebie of the week: Buttons for me Giftbox

:D Here's a new giftbox, all ready for this week's freebie. Decided to use Jinjerup's buttons for me pattern for this one as it looks so cute!
Hope you guys like it as much as i do ;) Think they would make really nice gift boxes for a crafty friend!

(29-09-2011) Hi there, thanks for your interest in this Jinjerup freebie. We’ve updated it, please visit this link to view & download the new updated freebie:

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I'm so zoned out right now, think I shall go hit the hay.
Good night folks!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Buttons for me

A tribute to button collectors everywhere, this next trio of patterns feature buttons
of pastel pink, orange and blue. Give me a bucket full of buttons any time!
I love arranging them according to color and patterns!
Not only that, I'd probably tag them according to shade too :P Any one in need of a button sorter?

Buttons for me (orange sorbet)
Pretty orange buttons sewn in many rows.

Buttons for me (cotton candy)
Pretty pink buttons sewn in many rows.

Buttons for me (forget me not)
Pretty blue buttons sewn in many rows.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Petals & ribbons

Everytime I run out of thread or am the lookout for one in a new color, I find myself heading out to a particular, old sewing shop in an old neighbourhood. Sure, there are plenty of newer, better shops out there but something about this particular one is very quaint and charming.

It's situated in such a small shop lot, yet is still brimming with all sorts of sewing goods from a dizzying array of brightly colored ribbons to the latest small traditional crafts of any nearing cultural festival (eg: bloomingly, beautiful red latterns for the upcoming Lantern Festival, next month!)

Inspired by lovely selections of ribbon I've just been admiring, here's another trio for the Whims & Fancies Jinjerup range, these new patterns have flowers strewn across roles and roles of different ribbons.

Petals & Ribbons (pink blush)
A lovely array of blossoms featured on pastel pink ribbons.

Petals & Ribbons (baby blue)
A lovely array of blossoms featured on pastel blue ribbons.

Petals & Ribbons (dusty peach)
A lovely array of blossoms featured on pastel orange ribbons.

Hm...think these would look really pretty as wallpaper or trimmings! :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Freebie: Manekineko Cute Printable!

This week's freebie of the week is a special one as I whipped up this adorable manekineko piece with everyone in mind!

A maneki neko is a beckoning cat, which in Japanese culture is meant to help you attract money – very timely in the current economic situation! (The meaning actually depends on which of its paws are raised: the right paw signifies money while the raised left paw is for good luck.)
Something all of us could do more with ;)

I thought since not all of us could get real life Maneki nekos, a printable one would do! Do head on over to lovely paper craft & tutorial site Folding Trees to download the the full-size printable artwork of this sweet, little printable art for your wall(et)s!

Thanks June & Eve!


Note: Plus for those interested, Wiki explains more on Maneki nekos!
Have fun!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Link Love

Its about time too! Let's make more friends!
Here's a whole batch of banners I've whipped up for some happy link love
Share & link up to Jinjerup and we'll list you on our links page :)

Jinjerup banners available in all kinds of colors and sizes to match your site!
Available here for your linking pleasure.

Banners in brown, green, grey, orange, blue & purple!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


:) More whimsical cuteness comes in the form of this new pattern I'll call pepite. Of little bows, buttons, adorable bears, cats and bunnies plus of course a table spoon of polka dots thrown in for the fun of it!

My gran and her sisters, my grand aunts used to keep small boxes of buttons, ribbons, lace and threads for mending clothes. Thinking of how to illustrate pepite brought back many, many memories of me playing with these little buttons and thread, color coding them according to the rainbow! :P

Pepite (cat)
An adorable creamy orange mix of buttons, ribbon bows, petals and cute cats

Pepite (bunny)
An adorable pastel blue mix of buttons, ribbon bows, petals and cute bunnies

Pepite (bear)
An adorable petal pink mix of buttons, ribbon bows, blooms and cute bears

Monday, August 10, 2009

Freebie of the week: Float Labels

This week's freebie of the week features two new Jinjerup patterns from the Float series:
Sugar Dream & Honey and cream. I've placed these delicate blooms on labels. Perfect as gift tags or labels for presents!

(29-09-2011) Hi there, thanks for your interest in this Jinjerup freebie. We’ve updated it, please visit this link to view & download the new updated freebie:

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Here's the second pattern of Jinjerup's new range: Whims and Fancies.
A delicate repeat of floating blooms in a soft palette.
Designed it close to bedtime, could nearing my sleeping hours have influenced this blissful trio? ;)

Float (sugar dream)
Whimsical repeat of delicate flowers in a powder pink and lilac.

Float (honey and cream)
Whimsical repeat of delicate flowers in honey and a touch of baby blue

Float (clover cloud)
Whimsical repeat of delicate flowers in pastel mint and chocolate powder

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Puffs in time

:) Its sure good to be home, my recent trip overseas has got to be the longest one I've ever taken! & a most interesting one at that! Plus I've just learnt something new about myself, I'd never have thought I would miss home so much :P

To get things back on a roll here at Jinjerup, our new theme of the month shall be Whims and Fancies. Usually I'm always in such a rush when it comes to traveling from point A to B but on that morning, I experienced a beautiful kind of special, it stopped me straight in my tracks. I was making my way to a market, all geared up and ready for some purchasing-market action when I turned into this wide lane full of old, tall flowering trees.

It was breathtakingly gorgeous, the scene of the flowers swirling slowly down and showering everyone beneath them with petals, in the morning light. I would've sat on the ground and given up my whole market charade just to absorb everything in if not for the people jostling against me. I'd had forgotten what a beautiful feeling it is to just breathe and take in everything around me. That shall be something I shall have to work on more! :)

Plus that's how I got my inspiration for Jinjerup's first new pattern in August.

A puff in time (bear)
Drifting with whimsical pink blossoms, these little bears
certainly know how to travel

A puff in time (rabbit)
Drifting with lovely blue blossoms, these petite bunnies
certainly know how to travel

A puff in time (cat)
Drifting with sweet orange blossoms, these teeny tiny neko
certainly know how to travel

Stay tuned for super sweet, cute patterns and freebies coming your way!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Thank you Munchees!

Whoopee!!! Hi everyone, I'm back! :D
I'm going to be posting a selection of pics from my long trip to my personal blog,
but that's going to take a little while as there's going to be quite a lot of sifting to do
and there are way too many to choose from! :p

I've just escorted Munchees, my dear assistant, into a room full
of sugary sweet golden bananas! (You should've seen his ear splitting grin!)
A wonderful barter for his help. chuckle* (The sounds of frantic gobbling and soft thumping of banana peels on the floor are growing louder! )

Stay tuned of course for more patterns & freebies SOON!
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